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I am so so inspired by this community of epic women who are on a journey back home to themselves. TEC is about inspiration, education, empowerment, fun and community.

It's about finding your people. It's about learning who you are and what lights you up. And being held accountable.

Each month we deep-dive on a new topic that will help you discover who you really are and to own your authenticity.

You'll learn about self-worth, boundaries, conscious relationships, sex, money mindset, monthly cycles, health, forgiveness and so much more.

Most of all, you'll truly learn about YOU.

I can't wait to be your right hand wing woman on this crazy, life-altering journey!

x, Anna 


A new bundle available each month


  • I’m completely new to the personal development world, is this for me?

    Absolutely! In month one we will be teaching the absolute fundamentals for anyone starting out on their personal development journey. And, even if you’re already on a journey, there’s ALWAYS something new to learn.

  • Is there a minimum term of membership?

    Yes, if you decide that TEC isn’t meeting your needs (firstly, email me so we can chat!), you can withdraw after two months. I do ask that you commit to doing two months so you can really get a taste of what we offer.

  • What is the cost?

    Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.We offer options, bay-bay. $55 p/m for standard and $88 p/m for the VIP option. There’s also a huge saving if you decide to go all in on yourself and sign up for an annual membership.

  • What will I learn?

    Every month we will be focusing on a new topic or distinction that I see as fundamental when embarking on a journey of transformation. This might be around money, conscious relationships, sex, boundaries, menstruation, body image, and so much more. You can also post your requests for content in the Facebook group.

  • Will I be able to make friends?

    Absolutely! We have an exclusive Facebook group where we will be connecting on the daily, plus an annual meet up event! Those who enrol in the VIP membership will also be connected with a small accountability group of future BFF’s.

  • Is there an application process?

    Nope, unlike my group coaching program, this is open to women of all ages and stages. You simply sign up and you’re in there like swimwear.

  • I still have a question

    Any other questions, shoot them through to hello@consciousworldwellness.com.

Your wing woman

  • Anna Squelch

    Lead Coach

    Anna Squelch

    Anna Squelch is a holistic health and life coach, speaker and host of The Full Circle Podcast. With her no-fluff approach to personal development Anna helps women empower themselves to build self-worth, and own their authenticity so they can put themselves first.

The investment

Standard and VIP option available. The VIP option includes a more intimate monthly coaching call (max 10 women) with Anna where you get hands on support, connection and accountability. Plus Voxer support.

  • $55.00 / month

    Standard (monthly)

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  • $895.00 / year

    VIP (annual - save $161)

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  • $88.00 / month

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  • $550.00 / year

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Victoria W

"This work saved my relationship"

Victoria W

Anna and this work saved my relationship with my partner and more importantly my relationship with myself. I spent years trying to be the best version of me - for him. Enrolling in Anna’s Radical Blueprint mastermind helped me unpack some of my shadow and really made me prioritise myself. The program forced me to spend a few hours a week locked in my room away from everyone else. This helped me wade through the bullshit of expectations and helped me connect with my authentic self.